Welcome to my web site.  I want to point any who suffer from depression to Jesus who has healed me of depression many times.  I have had a battle with depression most of my life.  Time and time again the Lord has sent me the help I need to overcome this malady.  I know He heals this problem.  I have tried to write little stories of how He has done it for me, which you may read here.  Some of the stories may seem familiar to you in your life.  You have my permission to print and distribute any or all of the content on this website that you find helpful.  I am not a medical or licensed professional.  These stories are how the Lord has helped me and I hope they may help you.

The Lord has healed me of what was suppose to be terminal cancer and given me 30 years cancer free.  He has also healed me of the depression that the cancer brought on.  I share this with you because it might help you to receive the healing you need.  If any, or even one person, receives a healing it is all because of the Lord’s work not mine.

The basic steps I have used to overcome my depression I share with you:

  1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
  2. Ask Him to heal you.
  3. Tell Him all you feel:  your anger, your fears, your desperation, your hopelessness, and your doubts.
  4. Tell Him if you are angry with Him.
  5. Tell Him about all those you are angry with and those who have hurt you.
  6. Ask Him to forgive all your sins.
  7. Also ask Him to forgive the sins of those who have hurt you.
  8. Ask your minister or priest to pray for you and anoint you with oil for healing.
  9. Ask others who believe in healing to pray for you.
  10. Read books about healing – many:  The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford, The Holy Spirit, Who He Is and What He Does by R. A. Torry.  Write me for other good books to read.
  11. Seek medical help if necessary.  God heals through doctors and medicine.
  12. Pray and beg the Lord to heal you.  He loves you and wants you well and so do I.
  13. PERSEVERE daily in your prayers for healing.


Prayer is simple.  It is talking to God.  It is listening to God talk to you.  It is telling Him all your problems.  It is asking Him to help you.  It is thanking Him for all He does for you and all those around you.

If you don’t know Him that’s all right.  He knows you.  He LOVES you.  You can tell Him you don’t know Him.  You can tell Him you are not sure He exists.  You can even tell Him you don’t like Him if He does exist.  He knows all of this before you say it AND HE LOVES you anyway.  He will wait until you come to know Him better.  He will never quit LOVING you.

Talking to God is the best way to get to know Him.  He LISTENS to you..  He cares about you.  He is a mighty God who can and will help you.

Just begin to talk to this One who LOVES you.  You can say words aloud or in your mind.  He will hear you.  Call out to Him in your every need.  He is always there for you.  In time you will be able to develop a relationship with this dear Friend.  He will always be there for you no matter what the circumstances.  You will never ever be alone again when you come to know the Lord.

One way to help you pray is to repeat “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” over and over again.  At His name He comes.  Try it.  You will never ever regret it.

As you grow in this friendship with Jesus, you will find new ways to pray.  Some I use are on this web site.